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Hotel San Francisco, Rock-Themed Bar With Eagles-Inspired Name, Opening in FiDi

Livin’ it up in mid-April

653 Commercial

A group of three Australian restaurant and bar owners will be livin’ it up at the Hotel San Francisco, a new establishment — with no overnight accommodations despite its name, which is an Eagles song reference — that’s headed to 653 Commercial Street. The 1,700 square foot FiDi space, the former Mercedes, will have 75 seats plus a basement lounge below. Drinkers and diners (there will be food) can check out (but never leave?) the bar when it opens later this spring.

The proprietors are Paul Schulte and sibling duo Thomas Glenwright and Priscilla Dosiou, who operate several Sydney bars. And speaking of sibling connections, the team observes that Sydney and San Francisco are sister cities, too.

Such a lovely face

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As its name would hammer home, the Hotel San Francisco is a musically inspired space. “Hotel California” lyrics will be emblazoned in neon on bathroom walls, for example, and the owners tout “personalized playlists” from an Australian music branding agency called Mustard.

The group has made some hires so far, including chef Keven Wilson (RN74, Michael Mina, Perbacco, and Volta) and bar director Jonny Cimone (Farmer Brown). Glenwright, who studied Wine Science in Western Australia, will design the wine program at Hotel San Francisco, with 25 by-the-glass options.

Dosiou and Glenwright say they designed the space themselves with Los Angeles-based firm The Imagists, and have commissioned artist Serge Gay Jr. for a mural. Will the bar feature, per its namesake song, “Mirrors on the ceiling,” and “pink champagne on ice?” Is it also the case that, to again quote the Eagles, “we are all just prisoners here, of our own device?”

Stay tuned.