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North Beach Sports Bar Standby Completes Move into Old Capp’s Corner

The Boardroom is now across the street

Kathleen Ensign

North Beach sports bar of choice the Boardroom has successfully reinstalled itself across the street from its original location, where it will breathe new life into the years-vacant 1600 Powell Street restaurant space best known as the home of Capp’s Corner. With a larger footprint including room for 10 TVs, a pool table, a basement lounge, and outdoor brunch down the line, the Boardroom opens to the public this Saturday, April 14.

Landlords of the more than 50-year-old Capp’s, well known for family-style Italian dinners and regular barroom guests, unceremoniously terminated the restaurant’s lease three years ago. It’s been vacant ever since — until Boardroom owner Keith Wilson, who frequented Capp’s while operating his bar across the street (at 1609 Powell) for more than a decade, reached an agreement with Capp’s old landlords to move in with his popular bar, bacon-wrapped tater tots and all.

Beyond those fried favorites, the new Boardroom will serve larger entrees (and eventually that outdoor brunch) from chef Adam Soldan (formerly of Balboa Cafe). Justin Paulson (previously of the Michael Mina Group) will act as the new Boardroom’s manager.

20 beers and four wines are on tap, with bar managerJP Lannigan behind a cocktail menu including a Red Bush Irish Coffee with Frangelico and Baileys whipped cream on top. And in a literal toast to Capp’s, the Boardroom will serve a Capp’s Martini, like the ones Wilson’s mother used to order when she went to Capp’s back in the day.


“The way I look at it, North Beach is changing too fast,” Wilson tells Eater. Cafes, bars, and restaurants have turned over with greater frequency of late, with a recent fire rocking the Washington Square area. “It’s sad to see some of these places go, but we don’t want to lose what makes North Beach North Beach.” To help preserve a bit of neighborhood history, Wilson has collected Capp’s Corner memorabilia, which he’ll display in a section of the bar: Think of it as the Capp’s Corner corner.

Boardroom hours are Saturday and Sunday 9 a.m. to 2 a.m., Monday through Friday from 3 p.m. to 2 a.m.