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Starting 4/20, Project Juice Will Add CBD to Any Smoothie

NBD, it’s just CBD

Project Juice

Project Juice experiments with CBD

Just in time for San Francisco’s favorite holiday, customers can get products with CBD, a non-psychoactive derivative of the hemp plant at Project Juice’s SF, Laguna Beach, and San Diego locations starting — when else — on April 20th. It’s $3 to add 15 drops (20 mg) of CBD oil to a smoothie or bowl, or else customers can get bottled CBD Chill Tonic Wellness Shots with 20mg for $7. For smaller doses, Project Juice will have CBD chill Chocolates in 2mg doses.

Yo También Cantina & Mercadito

A new market coming to the Inner Sunset space previously home to Wooly Pig (which is moving to Dogpatch) promises “tropical-local” vibes and Venezuelan-Californian food. It’s owned by Isabella Bertorelli and Kenzie Benesh, a married couple of food entrepreneurs who hope to open in late May or early June at 205 Hugo Street. Stay tuned for more.

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Stone Napa opening May 6

A long-awaited Napa taproom from Stone Brewing opens May 6 at 930 Third Street right on the riverfront. On the 6th, “We’ll celebrate into the evening with delicious food, live music and amazing craft beers including special creations brewed exclusively for our Northern California fans,” the brewery writes.

Starbucks incident rings a bell for East Bay comedian

As Starbucks reels from the repercussions of an incident in which an employee called Philadelphia police to report black customers for sitting at a table without making a purchase, East Bay comedian W. Kamau Bell is reminded of a similar 2015 incident of bias, in which an employee asked him to leave a Berkeley restaurant. “I just think it’s bigger than two black men kicked out of a coffee shop. It’s bigger than me at the Elmwood Cafe,” he tells the Chronicle. “The same racism that gets the black men kicked out of the coffee shop is the same racism that gets that black teenager shot at when he’s asking for directions.”

Dinner inspired by the Great Earthquake of 1906

For the anniversary of the Big One on this day in 1906, the Pied Piper is hosting an unusual dinner with guest Denise E. Clifton, author of Tables from the Rubble. The three-course meal is “inspired by the storied legacy of the Palace Hotel,” in which the Pied Piper resides: It’s $120 per person with all proceeds to San Francisco Heritage.

Project Juice

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