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Vegan Deli the Butcher’s Son Snags Maker’s Common Space in Berkeley

The vegan “butcher” will take over the former cheese shop and restaurant

Rosanne P./Yelp

The Butcher’s Son is moving its vegan deli counter and “butcher” shop from 1941 University Avenue across the street to a sizable new space occupied until recently by Maker’s Common. That cheese shop and restaurant spinoff of San Francisco’s Mission Cheese closed after just seven months at 1954 University Ave, but its owners expressed confidence in the space itself: At the new location, the Butcher’s Son inherits room for dining, a marketplace, and outdoor seating that’s ideal for brunch.

While Maker’s Common owners said something hadn’t quite clicked with the neighborhood, the Butcher’s Son has already developed a rapport with fans of its vegan BLTs, fried “chicken” on churro waffles, and even dairy-inspired treats like fried vegan mozzarella, vegan cheesecake, and vegan cannoli. The business will start serving new, experimental dishes like smoked whitefish salad in its new digs as soon as this coming weekend.

Patricia Chang

The Butcher’s Son is a project of sibling owners Peter Fikaris and Christina Stobing.Their father, despite the implications of their name, was actually the proprietor of a now-closed vegetarian diner on Telegraph Avenue, Michael’s American Vegetarian Diner.

Though they’ve amassed a sizable following, the Butcher’s Son has struggled to find an ideal physical foothold, scrapping early plans to open on Solano Avenue in 2015. Now, Fikaris writes:

It’s been a challenging couple of years for both ourselves and our customers and we thank you for your patience, but at last we’re here, at midnight tonight we take possession of our new location right across the street. We’ve spent the last couple of months developing new recipes, products, meats, cheeses, sandwiches, salads, breakfast items and a new menu. The new space has its own market, a bigger kitchen and more seating inside and out. We’ll start announcing what’s coming in the next couple of weeks as we start transforming this space into the new butcher’s son

Stay tuned for more on the Butcher’s Son as Fikaris and Stobing make the trek across the street.