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Saudi Prince’s Rumored Visit Shuts Down Silicon Valley Hotel and Its Restaurants

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Will he dine at [esc]?

[esc] at the Four Seasons
Four Seasons Palo Alto

Silicon Valley’s Four Seasons Hotel, and all of its restaurants, are closed to the public this week to welcome a VIP guest. That guest, according to Recode, is rumored to be Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman and his expansive entourage, who have come to town to meet with tech leaders like Apple’s Tim Cook, and CEOs at Microsoft, Boeing, Amazon, and Uber.

Reservations at the hotel’s dining outlets, Quattro and [ESC], the lobby bar and lounge that underwent a renovation exactly one year ago, are unavailable until Sunday, April 8. Guests who’d previously reserved rooms during the days of Monday, April 2 through Saturday, April 7, have been shuffled off to other luxurious hotels in the area at the request of the U.S. Department of State.

In an email to the hotel staff obtained by Recode: “The State Department has approached the hotel for a large VIP delegation next week. Due to the hotel’s layout and location they’re adamant that we are the best fit for their high security needs which will be restricting the hotel and all outlets from other guests.”

Fans of [esc]’s caviar, oysters, and on-demand, wine by the glass touchscreen system will just have to come back next week. And though the prince and his entourage aren’t likely to be found dining out around Palo Alto, the restaurants there continue to rise in profile on their own, including the recently opened Protégé from two French Laundry alums.