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Grade School Night’s Eclectic Menu of Bar Snacks and Cocktails

Peruvian and Mexican flavors will be on display

Maracuyá Sour

School Night, the playful bar collaboration from chef Traci Des Jardins and event space the Pearl, will open its doors on Sunday, April 29.

It’s Des Jardins’ first foray into a more straightforward bar concept, which she’s approaching with bar manager Enrique Sanchez (Arguello), and Adam Mendelson (co-founder of The Pearl). And as the name suggests, the industry-friendly hangout is only open on “school nights,” Sunday through Wednesday; it operates as a private event space during its off hours.

The food menu, from Des Jardins, is composed of better bar food options, with much of it coming from “Bertha,” a giant wood-fired oven. Queso fundido made with melted Oaxaca, Provola, Fontal cheeses, chorizo, and poblanos is pleasantly smokey from time within Bertha, and served flour tortillas, while larger plates like baby back ribs and roasted quail offer more hearty options. And because of Des Jardins continued collaboration with plant-based Impossible Foods, there’s even an option for vegan albondigas, with tomatillo salsa. Check out the full menu below.

Mexican chopped salad: jicama, cucumber, avocado, cotija, little gem cups, pepitas

The drink menu was designed by Sanchez, a Peruvian native, who will bring plenty of pisco to the schoolyard, plus American whiskey, and the agave spirits that he and Des Jardins favor. In addition to a wide selection of spirits for tasting, the menu is divided into the three categories, with twists on classics like a pisco sour with pisco acholado, maracuyá, cacao, lemon, and egg whites.

Mr. Kotter
Hierba Buena

When it opens April 29, School Night will serve cocktails and food from 5 p.m.- midnight, Sunday through Wednesday; it will serve as a private event space Thursday through Saturday.

The Pearl

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