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Cafe Réveille Opens in Berkeley With a Splash of Pink

Plus Ramen Undeground’s new sibling, Udon Underground


Latest Café Réveille keeps Berkeley alert

As promised last fall, Cafe Réveille’s location along the Fourth Street corridor in Berkeley is now open at 760 Hearst Avenue. Like the chain’s most recent Lower Haight location, this one is done up with touches of pink, and while there’s plenty of single-origin coffee, the emphasis is just as much on food, with sandwiches, grain bowls, and even dinner in the works. Daily hours are 7 a.m. to 6 p.m, with seating inside and out for 60 total.

Lazy Bear has chef Jeremiah Langhorne in the kitchen tonight

Lazy Bear chef David Barzelay has DC chef Jeremiah Langhorne (of the Dabney) in the kitchen for a 12-course, two-night showcase of Langhorne’s mid-Atlantic roots. The first night is tonight, May 1, and the second is tomorrow, May 2, with both dinners in classic Lazy Bear dinner party style, starting at 7 p.m., for $250 per person. Tickets here.

Udon Underground

Popular low-key Ramen Underground is getting into the udon game with Udon Underground next door at 493 Pine Street. It’s takeout only, with options include curry udon and cold udon, and it quietly opened last week.

Salmon season is coming up, short

Local salmon season begins with commercial fishing this week, but it won’t last long, and another a tough year— with high prices — is expected as the effects of drought linger. Sacramento River fall run salmon were heavily depleted by warm water during the drought of late 2015, and as salmon take three years to mature after making it to the ocean, this year’s catch is that season’s dearth of fish.