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Former Mojo Cafe on Divis Will See New Life as Beer Bar

From the mind behind Caskhouse/Hamlet

Mojo Bicycle Cafe/Facebook

The former Mojo Bicycle Cafe space, empty at 639 Divisadero since December, will get its mojo back with a new beer bar in the fall. Fool’s Errand is the latest venture from John Dampeer, and its name is a bit of a joke at his own expense. Dampeer’s Noe Valley pub Caskhouse closed in 2017 (after opening in 2013) and his larger spot, Hamlet, also shuffled off its mortal coil, closing in January. Another, similar venture, Dampeer reasons, might be seen as unwise.

But the Mojo location, once known to draw cafe patrons day and night, is a sensible one. “This project presented itself, and it was too good to pass up,” Dampeer tells Eater SF. It’s “a great location to expand on what I’ve done before, with a well-curated beer and wine list.” The landlords are the former owners of Mojo — “they’ve got a great vibe in this neighborhood, and it was time for them to just pass it on,” Dampeer says of their closure.

In a town where good beer increasingly comes standard, Fool’s Errand could still stand out thanks to Dampeer’s existing connections to great breweries with limited distribution. “The Cellarmakers, the New Glories, the Fieldworks, the Henhouses, the Temescals — we’ve established great working relationships with them over the years,” Dampeer says, rattling off some favorites.

On top of ten taps for beer (plus bottles), Fool’s Errand will have three taps of wine (and many more wines by the glass), with “fringe regions” from Slovenia to the Canary Islands and “cool natural wines” in the mix. Snacks, too are in the works — though there’s no full kitchen in the space. Stay tuned as Fool’s Errand readies itself for a fall opening after a little cosmetic work to the bar.