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Biergarten Team Plans Bavarian Beer Hall at Fort Mason

Called Radhaus, it could arrive by this Summer

Brent J./Yelp

Like Biergarten, built from shipping containers in the semi-permanent and already longstanding gathering space PROXY (which is eventually slated for development), Radhaus will reportedly be designed by PROXY masterminds Envelope A+D. Eater SF has reached out to the Biergarten team and the designer for further details going forward.

Fort Mason’s available restaurant space, according to past coverage, is within Building A, alongside such establishments as the cocktail bar Interval and the vegetarian dining institution Greens.

Citing events like Off the Grid, the food truck festival that activates the Fort Mason parking lot, Fort Mason Center officials said they sought a restaurant tenant to build foot traffic within the former military facility. In addition to the frequently used festival pavilion, it also houses art studios, galleries, and theatre spaces.