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SF Brewery Ordered to Stop Cannabis Beer Production

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But not for obvious reasons

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Black Hammer Brewing

The hammer comes down on Black Hammer Brewing

The SoMa brewers at Black Hammer were among the first to sell CBD-infused beer, made with the non-psychoactive hemp-derived ingredient that’s a cousin to marijuana’s more famous (and very psychoactive) THC. But a few weeks ago, they were reportedly told off by the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB), ordered to cease and desist production of CBD beers — but not for laws around cannabis, but instead because CBD isn’t on a list of approved non-standard beer ingredients. Hemp and terpenes aren’t on that list, but the brewery will apply to add them and resume its CBD beer line.

Mixt opens its Valencia salad lounge on June 1

Salad days are almost here at 901 Valencia Street, where Mixt is opening its newest location on June 1. The former La Rondalla spot (at 20th) will come back to life with evening dinner plates and a “salad lounge” serving better-for-you cocktails with veggie infusions like kale mimosas — yes, for real.

E & O tours spice routes with new dinner series

E & O Kitchen is getting granular about its ingredients, devoting each of the next few month to a single spice. Executive chef Sharon Nahm and chef de cuisine Michael Siegel have menus this month devoted to Szechuan peppercorns — serving an entree of Szechuan chicken wings, a dessert of dark chocolate and hazelnut Szechuan peppercorn Ttuffles, and even a cocktail with peppercorns. Next month is turmeric, followed by star anise in July, and cardamom in August.

Late Night menu at Gran Electrica for Bottlerock

This weekend being Napa’s music, food, and wine festival Bottlerock, new Napa restaurant Gran Electrica is throwing a little party of its own with a late night menu exclusively for this weekend. Keep the party going or wind it down there from Friday to Sunday, 10 p.m. to 1 a.m.

Black Hammer Brewing

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