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Hog and Rocks Will Be Reborn as Prairie, a Restaurant Designed for Grazing

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The menu will be focused on shareable bites from the grill

Anthony Strong

A few more details have emerged on the restaurant that will open in the former Hog & Rocks space at the hands of chef Anthony Strong: his first solo restaurant, Prairie, will open in late summer, with a menu focused on grilled dishes.

The name is inspired by the idea of grazing, says Strong, which is also how he envisions the menu: composed of small and large items for sharing, or grazing upon, with friends. “My favorite food experiences from Italy — or anywhere, really — have all been free-flowing with little formality,” says Strong. “I wanted to create that kind of environment and let people go to town.”

Strong worked as culinary director of Delfina Restaurant Group for 11 years, where he opened and ran all Pizzeria Delfinas, served as executive chef at Locanda and oversaw all the restaurants in the group. That Italian expertise will lend itself to the menu, but won’t limit it, according to Strong. “It’s my version of italian food. Italian at its core, but drawing from an expanded pantry,” says the chef.

Almost everything the menu will be cooked on two grills, a J&R Woodshow Broiler and a Spanish Josper grill, with much of it available to order “by the each.” In addition to a variety of grilled meat, there’ll be vegetables and salads; Strong is also playing around with Impossible Foods “meat” for Impossible meatballs.

The full liquor license will allow for some cocktail creativity from Strong and his team as well. “The cool thing about having a small restaurant is that I can give the cocktail menu the same attention,” says Strong. Expect an Italian-leaning list, with plenty of Campari.

When it opens later this summer, it’ll serve brunch and dinner. Stay tuned for more.

Hog & Rocks

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