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Berkeley’s Tacubaya is Moving to a New Location After 15 Years

Pompette’s former digs


On the eve of its 15th Anniversary in July, Berkeley’s Tacubaya will double its footprint by moving — seamlessly and without closures, the restaurant assures customers — to a new space just a few doors down at 1782 Fourth Street. That larger location was previously known to the neighborhood as the restaurant Pompette, which attempted to fill the shoes of its long-running predecessor Café Rouge. In the end, Pompette closed in April with little ceremony.

Owner Dona Savitsky spun Tacubaya off of her full-service Temescal restaurant, Doña Tomás, in 2003. Since then, it’s become something of a staple — so don’t worry. after Tacubaya completes its move (from nearby 1788 Fourth Street), the business will arrive with the same staff and menu of counter-service Mexican food for which it’s known. But there’s also room for new items, with a full bar for tequila and mezcal drinks, and bar bites like taquitos and sopes to go with them. And keeping up with these take-out and delivery-focused times, the new Tacubaya will feature full to-go dinners with an emphasis on achiote-marinated rotisserie chicken.

The new, 2285 square foot space includes an outdoor seating area and room for 30 diners in a mezzanine space, which will also host private events. And as it’s named for the colorful Mexico City neighborhood that was home to the famous architect Luis Barragan, Tacubaya’s new digs will feature plenty of the vibrant hues he prized. The large, iron chandeliers that have hung at the original Tacubuya for so long are are migrating, too. And after the move, Tacubaya’s hours will be 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. daily.