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Party Fowl: Someone Stole This Chicken Planter From RT Rotisserie

Stop taking Sarah Rich’s chicken planters, San Francisco

Sarah Rich/Instagram

This is why we can’t have nice things, San Francisco: People will steal them. It’s no secret that people love to swipe items from restaurants, from flatware to decor, to that one time someone stole Wise Sons’ catering van (don’t worry, they found it).

The latest missing items are chef/owner Sarah Rich’s plants, taken from the bathroom of RT Rotisserie. The chef first took to Twitter to air her grievances, then Instagram, posting a photo of cute and colorful chicken planter that was stolen. This is the second time plants have been stolen from the bathroom in the past few months, says Rich. In fact, the chicken planter taken this week was purchased to replace a previously stolen plant.

“I realize it’s just a plant, but it’s more than that,” Rich told Eater SF. “We go out of our way to try to make the best possible experience for people on so many levels, to make them feel welcome and comfortable, and when someone steals something from you it feels like a slap in the face.”

“I think people see restaurants as a corporation, but we’re a family business,“ said Rich.

So, if you see someone around town with a chicken planter (and possibly looking satisfied from a recent chicken dinner at RT Rotisserie), let Eater know. And if it was you who took it: Give it back.

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