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Lip Kit Salesperson Kylie Jenner Enjoys Pasta in SF

While her body guards wait outside


Instagram heiress Kylie Jenner was in San Francisco to launch her pop-up cosmetics shop last Thursday when she grew peckish. Pasta? Should she get pasta?

Having apparently missed the memo on Instagram lifestyle celebrities dining at Che Fico, Jenner arrived at around 10 p.m on 18th Street at Delfina, with three female friends and two body guards in her entourage.

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As the guards waited outside, according to a Delfina representative, Jenner ordered two pastas. One was spaghetti, the other ravioli.

“She told our manager that she loved everything,” the representative said. “No fans bothered her [or] bugged her at her table.”

Classy — but Delfina owner Annie Stoll did manage to get off one discreet shot.

Kylie Jenner has late night dinner at Delfina!

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No word on what Jenner’s body guards ate. Pizza next door? Che Fico after?

Tips are always appreciated.


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