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Castro Cafe Flore Plots Marijuana Dispensary to Boost Business

Plus a new sports bar for the DNA Pizza/Codeword space

MIchaela P./Yelp

New flower for Flore?

Sunny Castro cafe Flore, a patio dining destination since the ’70s, has made plain its ambitions to become a cannabis-related business: Flore co-owner Terrence Alan has been serving cocktails and beer with CBD for more than a year, testing the waters, and with legalization now in place, he’s sent in an application for a cannabis retail store at 258 Noe (across the street, in what’s now Gloss ‘n Glam). “The Flore Store is a necessary adjunct to the survival of the Flore cafe,” Alan, who chaired the San Francisco Cannabis State Legalization Task Force, tells the Bay Area reporter.

Sexual Harassment lawsuit filed against Bistro Don Giovanni

A lawsuit filed last month in Napa Superior Court and reported on today alleges that a kitchen worker experienced sexual harassment and assault at the well-known restaurant Don Giovanni. Plaintiff Martha Patricia Venegas claims that a male coworker repeatedly harassed her — making lewd sexual remarks, mocking her, and touching her inappropriately in an ongoing series of incidents — while management stood idly by. Venegas seeks unspecified damages.

New bar bound for Codeword/DNA Pizza space

There’s a new incoming tenant for the 917 Folsom (at 5th) space that was previously DNA Lounge’s sibling club Codeword and DNA pizza (those businesses closed last summer to help keep DNA Lounge afloat). The new business will be called Pine Tar Grill, and it’s intended as a temple to the SF Giants (it’s also within striking distance of the ballpark). For decor, expect tons of baseball bats and sports paraphernalia.

Walnut Creek food hall will break ground in 2019

East Bay suburb Walnut Creek is still on track to get a food hall, first teased in 2016 and then delayed, but new plans have been redesigned by Mark Davis Design and Johnson Lyman Architect. The Foundry food hall, as it’s being called, will have room for 23 food vendors, an outdoor beer garden, and more. The developer is BH Development, which has established itself in Walnut Creek with Teleferic Barcelona, Slice House, and Va de Vi and Rooftop Restaurant & Bar — that one’s just across the street from the new food hall construction site at 1250 Locust Street.