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Sore Losers in Houston Take Aim at Ayesha Curry’s Yet-to-open Restaurant

The Yelp Page for International Smoke is a war zone

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International Smoke’s Houston Yelp page is a war zone

Ayesha Curry’s SF barbecue restaurant International Smoke may not yet be open in Houston, but that isn’t keeping salty Rockets fans from bashing it on Yelp. Curry’s husband happens to play on the NBA Championship-winning Golden State Warriors, who defeated the Rockets in a closely-fought semifinal. Yelp is monitoring the International Smoke Houston page as an “Active Cleanup Zone.”

“BEWARE OF THIS LOCATION!!!,” one negative reviewer writes. “Was bitten by a horse they keep out back. Staff said his name is Draymond Green....wont be returning.”

Others have come to Curry’s defense. “The food was awesome! Ive been to the SF location and was impressed with the ambiance. This location felt cold and lonely just like how the Houston Rockets fans felt after they lost to the Warriors. The portions of meat served here is huge and should come with a choke hazard similar to James Harden.”

To join the boys club, or disband it?

Portland chef Naomi Pomeroy is looking back on her hard-won membership to the food world boys club, and she doesn’t like what she sees. “We fought to get a leg up by being ‘one of the guys.’ We partied with them, let some of them slap us on the ass. And it was working.” Reassessing that culture, she writes: “As women leaders in our industry, it is our duty to put into place a new set of rules. Let’s all rethink and redefine what ‘after-hours super fun shit’ really means. We’ve come too far to turn back now.” Read the whole essay here.

Roli Roti rolls back into Oakland

Starting next Friday, Oakland should be on the look out for the Roli Roti truck (and its beloved porchetta sandwich, normally found only in SF). The truck is coming to Webster near Blue Bottle Coffee, from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Fridays for the foreseeable future.


Ten years of Dynamo Donuts

24th Street donut maker Dynamo is turning ten, and for its birthday on June 29, will release some special donuts and party with a photo booth and free donuts for folks who buy a dozen. In a collaboration with nearby cocktail bar Junior, they’re making specials like the Heavens to Betsy cocktail in donut form — orange and lemon zest bas dipped in passionfruit, coconut, pineapple, and bourbon glaze dusted with Bruto Americano bitters. Those are available at 2760 24th Street on June 29, 30, and July 1 — and for the rest of the month, look out for a cocktail adaptation of a Dynamo donut at Junior, too.

Dynamo Donut & Coffee

2760 24th Street, , CA 94110 (415) 920-1978 Visit Website