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Iconic Ice Cream Maker It’s-It Releases New Novelty Treat

Though it might be deja vu for some longtime fans


Burlingame-based It’s-It Ice Cream, the 90-year-old manufacturer of the famed regional treat It’s-It, is about to release its first new ice cream product in 20 years. It’s called Chips-It, and the newcomer is a version of the It’s-It ice cream cookie sandwich (that corner store customers love) only with chocolate chip instead of oatmeal cookies and without the chocolate coating.

Chips-It arrives just in time for July 4th novelty treat needs, and customers are advised to look out for it “in the coming weeks.” Fans who absolutely can’t wait can swing by the Factory Shop at 865 Burlway Road in Burlingame from 10 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. today, June 29, or Wednesday, July 4, for a free Chips-It.

Longtime It’s-It aficionados will recognize Chips-It as a spinoff of an earlier, extra-large cousin of the It’s-It that was sold in big packages. But events and marketing manager Justin Shamieh, whose family owns and operates the ice cream company, insists Chips-It is “a brand new product, a totally new recipe, and a new size.” And while It’s-It has released new flavors like pumpkin in recent years, Chip’s-It is the first new product the company has sold in two decades.

It’s-It was first created and sold at Playland at the Beach, San Francisco’s proto-Disneyland boardwalk theme park, which opened in 1913 and closed in 1972. There, the It’s-It was designed by Playland owner George Whitney. After Playland’s closure, a duo of brothers, the Shamiehs, bought the rights to keep It’s-It going — with some changes.

“We’d been asked for it in the past — ‘chocolate chip, chocolate chip, chocolate chip!’” Shamieh says. Now, the people will get what they’ve been screaming for.