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City Beer Will Close for Big Changes at the End of This Month

It’s moving and upsizing

City Beer Store/Facebook

SoMa beer magnate City Beer will shutter its Folsom Street space by the end of July, as it preps for a big change in a new Mission Street space with more than double the square footage.

News of the move has been out there for a while, but the Chronicle brings new details of City Beer’s big refresh beyond just the closing date. The new space, inside former Charles Phan’s now-closed Coachman, is 4,500 square feet (up from 1,800 at the beer store’s current location).

That’ll allow for many more accoutrements: owner Craig Wathen told the Chron that it’ll feature “comfort zones” and much more of a bar vibe than the sometimes-cramped and subterranean-feeling original location. The bottle shop will be located towards the back of the building, in a space that’ll also house various art installations.

Given the substantial kitchen space left behind at Mission Street, it seems City Beer is plotting something noteworthy for its dining operations, which will debut at the new location, but the owners didn’t go into detail on what will be offered. Eater has reached out for more.

The opening date for the new City Beer hasn’t been set yet, though the Wathens are projecting an August opening; renovations are ongoing at the Mission Street site.