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Sanrio’s Rage-Filled Red Panda Aggretsuko Has Chocolate Bars for You

Also, a burger dinner, Blue Bottles in Japan, and more a.m. intel


Aggretsuko, Sanrio’s ragiest character, is hanging around SF with candy bars

Sanrio’s Aggretsuko character, recently the subject of a Netflix anime series, is one angry little creature, belting out death metal anthems at karaoke to quell her simmering discontent as an office worker. Now, she’s brought her Den of Rage pop-up to SF, selling merch, candy bars, and churro-flavored coffee. Perhaps most importantly, it’s located in the TOTO Concept 190 event space from now through July 31. That’s right, it’s in a toilet showroom. So, go chug some coffee and see how things go.

Controversial Fruitvale coffee shop Hasta Muerte saved

The coffee shop, which recently came under fire for refusing to serve uniformed police officers, was thrown into turmoil last month as its building went up for sale. The Oakland Land Trust raised money to purchase the building, assuring that the coffee shop and two residential units above it would remain in place. Read more about it here.

Going to Kobe anytime soon?

Blue Bottle Coffee, now under the majority ownership of Nestle, has opened another cafe in Japan. This time, it’s in Kobe, making it the ninth Japanese Blue Bottle in the roster. Reps claim that this one is different, though, because it is “drawing on Japanese concepts ofomotenashi –a way of anticipating hospitality– and kissaten–small places tucked away made for the simple purpose of enjoying superlative coffee.” It is, they say, a place of “seaworthy contemplation,” with all the normal Blue Bottle drinks plus green tea mint cookies and other sweets.

Nico is chillin’ right now

Don’t be alarmed to see a closed sign hanging on the door of Nico’s newly reopened Jackson Square restaurant: They’re just off for summer break, and will return on Tuesday, July 31. There’ll be a six-course chef’s choice menu when they return.

Camino is hosting dinner with Kronnerburger and the Chron’s Paolo Lucchesi

There’s another opportunity to eat a Kronnerburger, even though the Piedmont location is closed. Head over to Camino in Oakland on Monday, July 29 for burgers cooked in the Camino fireplace, drinks, and snacks, plus a discussion with Chris Kronner, Camino chef Russell Moore, and Paolo Lucchesi of the SF Chronicle. Snag a ticket here.


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