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Mac’d Opens Second Mac and Cheese Devoted Restaurant, Teases Third

The next one would be in Portland

Anna F./Yelp

The second location in what’s apparently a growing chain of restaurants for people fixated on macaroni and cheese, Mac’d, is open at 2127 Polk Street (in the former Dakshin restaurant space). The original location of the fast-casual business opened almost exactly a year ago in the Marina at 3347 Fillmore.

Since then, Mac’d has become known — and generated sometimes serious lines — for its mix-and-match mac and cheese bowls. Customers start by choosing a cheese sauce (like basic cheese or pesto) a pasta (shells or elbows with the option to substitute cauliflower) mix-ins (from hot-dog bits to shrimp) and toppings (hot Cheetos, truffle oil, pulled pork, and so forth).

“We feel that this is an easy canvas for every person’s creativity, because mac is such an accessible food,” Jason Brown, who co-owns the business with Chen-Chen Huo, told Eater last year. “You can’t really go wrong with what you put into it.”

Update, July 10: According to Huo, Brown is no longer involved in Mac’d.

Still, to up its game, the Mac’d team reportedly added head chef Greg Engelhardt, previously chef at International Smoke (come on, you knew Ayesha couldn’t actually be in the kitchen all the time). Last, there’s some news for your friends in Portland who might be interested: Mac’d is teasing that its third location will open there. Eater SF has reached out for details and will add updates accordingly.


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