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Shanghai Dumpling King Has Closed in the Outer Richmond

Long live Shanghai Dumpling King

John K./Yelp

Shanghai Dumpling King’s Outer Richmond reign has come to an end, an employee confirms to Eater. It’s a sad day for fans of the inexpensive, no-fuss, BYOB restaurant at 3319 Balboa Street, whose Shanghainese delights like xiao long bao drew a busy dining room in the relatively remote area.

The Outer Richmond restaurant has been sold to a new owner, Mary Feng Shimei, who is renovating the building and plans to remake the place as Bao Bao Noodle Bar. Fortunately for XLB eaters, Shanghai Dumpling King’s other location, at 696 Monterey Boulevard, remains open. And Shimei reportedly plans to offer dumplings, too.