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Lower Haight Brewpub Black Sands Is for Sale

The brewery, restaurant, and home brew shop has hit the market

The exterior of 701 Haight Street, from its days as Black Sands Brewery.

The Lower Haight’s bustling bar, restaurant, and brewery Black Sands is for sale as its owners reportedly consider a change for themselves. The business — with all its equipment and its liquor license, but not the rental property itself — is on the market.

The news is surprising in that Black Sands, which opened in 2015, consistently draws crowds for its balanced beer and quality food (the double-cheeseburger is a must) which it serves in a stylish corner space. To that end, Urban Group Real Estate broker Jacob Bartholomew, who is listing the business, emphasizes that Black Sands is profitable.

“It’s a successful brewpub and it’s only going to sell to someone who maintains that legacy,” Bartholomew says. Owners just want to pursue new ventures, and are in “no rush to sell, if we don’t find the right fit.”

Eater has reached out to Black Sands’ partners for comment on the potential sale: Stay tuned for updates.

Update, 4:20 p.m.: Black Sands partner Robert Patterson emphasizes that the brewpub isn’t going anywhere soon: Customers can expect the same great food and beer, as well as service from the same employees, both for now and in the event of an eventual sale.

Patterson (of now-closed Ken Ken Ramen and Mission fashion retailer Voyager), Stefan Roesch, Cole Emde and Andy Gilliland opened Black Sands in 2015 with chef Eric Ehler, who has gone on to shine as a chef at Mister Jiu’s. As Black Sands’ head brewer, Emde has been a particular star, leading brewing classes, selling supplies at the home brew shop, and emphasizing “SMASH” beers made with single malt and and single hop varieties. Those are brewed in limited quantities on premises, and sadly for the general drinking public, haven’t been widely available beyond Black Sands.

In the end, Bartholomew hopes that a sale of Black Sands will resemble that of Ken Ken Ramen, another of Patterson’s businesses he listed. Ken Ken was sold to a chef/restaurateur with designs for his own ramen business: Harold Jurado, who is at work on the space there.