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Gus’s Community Market Will Take Over Mission Bay’s Market Hall

It’s opening as soon as October

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Gus’s Community Market
Produce displayed at Gus’s Community Market on Harrison Street
Patricia Chang

The Market Hall, the massive restaurant and grocery combination in Mission Bay, has closed after a years of building and one year in operation. But, denizens of the neighborhood — whose Yelp reviews indicate they aren’t too disappointed to see Market Hall closed — will soon have a replacement: Gus’s Market will open a new location at 1101 4th St in October.

“Mission Bay has been an area that our family has had an eye on for a number of years,” says Dimitri Vardakastanis “When we saw an opportunity there, we took it. We’re excited to work on the location that’s going to have parking, and hopefully serve both Mission Bay and outlying neighborhoods.”

It’ll be the fourth store and second location of Gus’s for the family-owned business, run by Dimitri and Bobby Vardakastanis; their parents, Gus and Georgia Vardakastanis opened Haight Street Market in 1981 and Noriega Produce in 1985, followed by a Gus’s location in the Mission in 2015.

Like the family’s other markets, the new location will adhere to its community values, selling local produce from farms like Full Belly and Riverdog, and makers like Dandelion Chocolate and INNA Jam. Following a complete reconfiguration and remodel, the ten-thousand-square-foot market will also have a hot bar, salad bar, soup bar, sushi, and a full deli with prepared salads and entrees. New to this location will be a ramen bar, allowing customers to choose noodles, broth, and toppings to create their own dish.

It’s an exciting expansion for the neighborhood, which is sustained by cafes like Reveille, food truck enclave Spark Social, and close proximity to SoMa and Dogpatch. “Opening a grocery store is a huge deal for us,” says Vardakastani. “We take it really seriously, and we want to open up stores that are not just businesses but neighborhood-serving places.”

Stay tuned for an opening date and more details.

The Market Hall

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