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HolyCraft Brewing Company Launching North Beach Taproom

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The San Francisco brewery will finally have its own space

HolyCraft Brewing Company

HolyCraft Brewing Company is building its first taproom and production brewery in North Beach. Owners Steve Seto and Phil Fabian hope to open within the next month or two at 787 Broadway, formerly Sip Bar & Lounge.

San Francisco natives Seto and Fabian met in the finance world before collaborating on Fabian’s nascent brewery, which he had started with friends out of his garage. About three-and-a-half years ago, it officially became HolyCraft Brewing Company. These days, you can find HolyCraft at local bars, at Bevmo, and pouring at events.

As with many startup breweries, HolyCraft contracts with bigger breweries — Fort Point Beer Company (which is also opening a new taproom soon) and Seven Stills in San Francisco, E.J. Phair Brewing Company in Concord, and Hermitage Brewery in San Jose — to brew its three flagship beers for wholesale distribution. “We started the company with less than $60,000. This whole time we’ve been pretty cash poor,” Seto tells Eater SF. “The only way we could grow and operate was with contract brewers.”

While HolyCraft will maintain those contracts, Seto said the new space will allow them to both brew more experimental beers and finally serve customers directly with about 12 HolyCraft beers on tap.

Brewmaster Fabian is tinkering with recipes for an eclectic lineup, such as a honey hefeweizen and chocolatey porter or stout, to join the flagships: a Belgian ale, a blonde, and a Japanese rice lager with yuzu. Seto and Fabian are still looking for brewing equipment, but Seto expects to start with a five or ten barrel system. Local artists are painting the walls with HolyCraft’s logo for a bold interior. And the owners are still debating offering food — possibly some light bites or hosting rotating pop-ups.

Stay tuned for more updates.