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Hoffman’s Grill & Rotisserie Announces Closure After Four-Year Run [Update]

The restaurant at 22nd and Guerrero will shutter by the end of next month

Chef/owner Karen Hoffman’s friendly neighborhood restaurant Hoffman’s Grill & Rotisserie (1000 Guerrero) will close “by the end of September,” the business announced last month. The Chronicle spotted a parting message on Hoffman’s Facebook page, noting that a new business called Plain Jane has applied for Hoffman’s beer and wine license.

“After 4 incredible years of having the privilege of serving our neighbors, friends, and family, Hoffmann’s will be closing its doors by the end of September,” a representative for the restaurant writes. “Please know, this was a difficult, but necessary decision. Our thanks to all of you who have been so wonderful and supportive. We tried to create something special, and we think you got it. Much love.”

Karen Hoffman opened Hoffman’s in 2014, but the longtime Four Seasons chef really ran it for even longer than that. She and fellow Four Seasons alums opened it in 2012 as Company, but two years later, Hoffman took over sole ownership and rebranded.

Eater has reached out to Hoffman’s for further details and an exact departure date. Until then, gather ye chickens while ye may.

Update, Monday, August 6, 4 p.m.: Karen Hoffman’s partner in life and business, Chandra Asken, explains that while “the restaurant’s doing fine, with a lot of regulars” in a “really supportive neighborhood,” the reason for the closure is that the building Hoffman’s occupies has been flagged for soft story retrofit construction, as mandated by local legislation in 2013. After determining that Hoffman’s couldn’t survive a year-long closure (without taking out massive loans), Hoffman and Asken found someone willing to take over their lease and liquor license despite the coming closure.

“There’s a lot of businesses facing this [situation] because of the soft story legislation, which was well-intended, but for some small businesses, it’s made it impossible to continue. And that’s contrary to the city’s purported support of small businesses,” Asken says.

An exact closure date for Hoffman’s will depend on when the lease and ABC license transfer is completed.