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SF’s EDM and Bubble Tea Bar Is Closing Down

Gosu is saying goodbye, to be replaced by a dessert place called Sweet box


It’s the last dance for the Richmond’s EDM themed bubble tea bar Gosu, owner Joey Tran tells Eater. After a year and a half, the young owner says he’s closing at the end of the month to take care of his own mental health, citing the stress of business ownership.

“I decided to close down Gosu for mental health reasons,” Tran tells Eater. “Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely LOVE Gosu Tbar, it was my dream to open it up. But if Gosu stays alive, I may not.”

Located at 1014 Clement Street, Tran’s business has hosted DJ events and more gatherings while serving light snacks and bubble tea. “I want to thank all of my fans, my customers, and all those who supported Gosu,” Tran says.

Next up for the space: It’s becoming an Asian-French fusion dessert restaurant to be called Sweet Box. Stay tuned for further details.