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Vegan Burger Chain From Oregon Arrives in Potrero This Month

Next Level Burger is putting down SF roots

Next Level Burger

Bend, Oregon-born vegan burger restaurant Next Level Burger has been taking things up a notch in terms of expansion, opening inside Whole Foods stores places like Brooklyn and Seattle. Next up is SF, where Next Level Burger’s second California location (there’s one in Concord) is opening within the Potrero Hill Whole Foods store (alongside the Steep Brew beer bar there) at 450 Rhode Island Street, between Mariposa and 17th Streets. Next Level Burger’s meat and dairy free options arrive on August 24.

At six locations so far, Next Level Burger serves a variety of vegan burger patty options: Their “signature” burger is a mushroom and quinoa patty, topped with avocado and vegan “cheddar or swiss style cheese” plus roasted garlic thyme mayo (egg-free, of course). Other NLB patties are made with black beans and quinoa or black chia seeds and quinoa.

On top of their own vegan patties, Next Level Burgers serves Beyond Meat patties: A meat-y, plant-based creation (with red beet juice for a bloody simulacrum) that’s a competitor to the local Impossible Burger. For added non-meat kick, customers can add toppings like “bacon” made from tempeh to their burgers.

Sides are also in the healthy department, with salads, three-bean chili, and sautéed kale. But for customers feeling naughty, there are some crinkle-cut fries (cooked in organic sunflower oil) and tater tots, plus shakes made from soy or coconut soft serve.

Stay tuned for more details on Next Level Burger’s SF arrival as it nears.