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Restaurant at Meadowood Unwraps Exciting 12 Days of Christmas Lineup

Jessica Largey, Michael Tusk, and other decorated chefs are involved

Christopher Kostow ahead of the 12 days of Christmas in 2017
The Restaurant at Meadowood/Facebook

After teasing them out with photos of their dishes and fun facts about their experience on Instagram, the Restaurant at Meadowood has ceased its silly games and released the lineup for its 12 Days of Christmas event series. That’s below, with tickets on sale now ($350 and up) for the dinners (December 7th through 22nd)

Think of 12 Days of Christmas as a sort of fine-dining advent calendar, with visiting guest chefs collaborating with chef Christopher Kostow at his Saint Helena restaurant in the days leading up to Christmas. The series returned last year after a hiatus in 2016, and now it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas again. This year’s lineup includes notables like chef Jessica Largey of imminent LA restaurant SIMONE. And overall, it’s got 300 percent more women than it did last year, when it had none.

In the spirit of Christmas, the dinners benefit the Saint Helena Preschool for All, Inc., a nonprofit scholarship organization. The Restaurant at Meadowood donates $2,000 in honor of each participating chef, then 10 percent of ticket sales to the charity.

Day 1: Friday, December 7th, Jose Enrique, Puerto Rico

Chef Jose Enrique of his eponymous restaurant in Puerto Rico has been twice nominated for James Beard Awards. “Enrique has become Puerto Rico’s most decorated chef — an emissary for the hearty, mingled foods of his fertile homeland,” Eater critic Bill Addison wrote last year.

Day 2: Saturday December 8th, Dave Pynt, Singapore

Dave Pynt, born in Perth, is the chef of Burt Ends, an Australian modern barbecue restaurant in Singapore. It received its first Michelin star this year.

Day 3: Tuesday, December 11th, Jessica Largey, Los Angeles

Jessica Largey is no stranger to the Bay Area: After six years at Manresa, where she scored a James Beard Award for Rising Star Chef, she set out on her own in Los Angeles. Her restaurant there, SIMONE, opens next week in the Arts District and is one of the city’s most anticipated newcomers.

Day 4: Wednesday, December 12th, James Lowe, London

Chef-owner of Michelin-starred Lyle’s in London, James Lowe is on the World’s 50 Best Restaurant List for his celebration of British food. Eater London calls Lyle’s “one of London’s most celebrated and influential new-wave fine dining restaurants.”

Day 5: Thursday, December 13th, Kamilla Seidler, Denmark

Seidler is the co-owner and former head chef of Gustu and co-founder of Manq’a in La Paz, Bolivia. Her approach to Bolivian Cuisine through her native Nordic lens has been particularly celebrated.

Day 6: Friday, December 14th, Byung-Jin Kim, Korea

Byung-Jin Kim has three Michelin stars at his restaurant Gaon. He’s opened a total of 13 restaurants including Michelin-starred Bicena in Seoul.

Day 7: Saturday, December 15th, Wojciech Modest Amaro, Poland

The chef at Atelier Amaro in Warsaw and a judge on Top Chef Poland, Wojciech Modest Amaro is known for his seasonal breakdown of Polish cuisine.

Day 8: Tuesday, December 18th, Trevor Moran, Nashville, and Justin Cogley, Carmel

A double header: Trevor Moran is an Irish-born chef assosciated with Nashville’s celebrated restaurant the Catbird Seat, where he was executive chef in 2014 and 2015. Justin Cogley is executive chef at Aubergine in Carmel, where he’s worked since 2011 and has been nominated for a James Beard Award for Best Chef West.

Day 9: Wednesday, December 19th, Michael Tusk, San Francisco

Local audiences will know Tusk’s restaurants Quince (which holds three Michelin stars) and more casual Cotogna (which has one). For Tusk, it’s a return to the 12 Days event, in which he’s participated before.

Day 10: Thursday, December 20th, Ana Ros, Slovenia

Ana Ros is chef and co-owner at Hisa Franko, a Worlds 50 Best Restaurant. Netflix fans will know her from the show Chef’s Table, where she appeared in season 2.

Day 11: Friday, December 21st, Sota Atsumi, France

Assosciated with Clown Bar in Paris, Sota Atsumi is a Japanese-born acolyte of Joel Robuchon. He’s opening a new Parisian restaurant next year.

Day 12: Saturday, December 22nd, Christopher Kostow, Saint Helena

Kostow is bringing it home this year, finishing out the 12 day event in his own three-Michelin starred kitchen. He’s also the chef/owner of the Charter Oak.