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SF’s Museum of Ice Cream Is Now Permanent

Art is forever

Patricia Chang

No need to drain the sprinkle pool: The Museum of Ice Cream has announced that its San Francisco location is now permanent. Forever. Or until people stop going. Tickets are still $38 per person, including for kids.

“Museum of Ice Cream San Francisco will continue to keep its doors open indefinitely, due to the extremely favorable public reception and mark on the local community,” a spokesperson for the MOIC writes.

It’s been a year since the vaguely ice cream inspired set of photogenic installations arrived in San Francisco to occupy a historic bank building at 1 Grant Avenue near Union Square. New York and Los Angeles iterations of the MOIC have come and gone, and the San Francisco stop was billed as temporary — with tickets advertised as fixed in quantity for the limited run. FOMO, it’s fair to assert, drove at least some MOIC ticket purchases.

Patricia Chang

Now, it’s FOMO no more, as the exhibition remains in perpetuity. After expanding its run several times, the SFMOIC will become the first “permanent collection,” if you will, from the business. That said, a Museum of Ice Cream “Pint Shop” in New York’s Meatpacking District sells MOIC-branded ice cream in a partnership with Target, offering some photo-ready moments for customers.

Meanwhile, MOIC’s success in San Francisco has led to local competitors: Candytopia, for instance, just reared its sparkly unicorn head across the street from the Museum of Ice Cream. The length of Candytopia’s run? TBD.