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Russian River’s New Brewery is Finally Brewing Pliny

Cupcake wars are brewing too

Russian River Brewing Co./Facebook

Pliny is happening

Russian River Brewing Co.’s new, enormous brewery and restaurant in Windsor — located about nine miles north of its old site in Santa Rosa — is getting close to opening. The first batch of Pliny the Elder has officially been brewed at the 85,000-square-foot, $50 million facility, which seems to be a few weeks away from debuting to the public.

Cupcake wars

Oakland’s James and the Giant Cupcake is apparently opening a third location at 463 2nd Street in Jack London Square, in the space once occupied by Authentic Bagel Co. The bakery — which specializes in cupcakes and wedding cakes — already has locations in downtown and north Oakland, and the newest spot will definitely face some competition: Berkeley’s Cupcakin’ Bake Shop is moving into Swan’s Market just a few blocks away.

A ‘borderline catastrophic’ olive oil situation

Olive harvests are down by 25 percent in California, likely due to unusual weather in February. One farmer told SF Chronicle that his olive trees bore “virtually no fruit” this year. It’s too early to know the effects, but it’s certainly possible consumers — and restaurants — will see eventually see an uptick in olive oil prices.

A blow to soda

Jerry Brown is on a signing tear when it comes to food- and restaurant-related bills. The latest requires restaurants serving children’s meals to make the default beverage water or milk — soda and sugary drinks will only be served if a parent requests one.