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One of NYC’s Classic Lunch Spots Opens in San Francisco’s Shopping Vortex

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Freds San Francisco at Barneys New York is now open and serving upscale salads

Freds at Barneys
Freds at Barneys

Freds San Francisco at Barneys New York is now perched high above the melée of Union Square, occupying the sixth floor of the upscale department store at 77 O’Farrell. The classic NYC power lunch destination has opened its doors to the public this week ahead of its grand opening, serving chopped chicken salads and club sandwiches to those with their fingers on the pulse of fashion (and any other schlubs that wander in, of course).

As reported in August, the menu will include a large selections of salads, appetizers, pizzas, pastas, and mains similar to the New York offerings — expect to see Mark’s Madison Avenue salad and chicken paillard. There is, however, the addition of some dishes with San Francisco influence, like a club sandwich with Dungeness crab.

It will be a sight for sore, shopping-fatigued eyes, as the elevator opens directly into the restaurant from the elevator and leads into a lounge with velvet-swathed banquettes. The dining room is minimalist with mod swivel chairs, white walls, and an enormous faceted mirror adorning the wall of the lounge — a perfect decor detail for fashion-types. Most importantly, there’s an incredible view of Union Square below.

Lunch and brunch is served Monday through Friday from 11 a.m.- 4 p.m., and Sunday from 12 p.m. - 5 p.m.