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Pop Star Pink Is Making California Wine, But None of It Is Pink

That would be a bit on the nose

PINK Beautiful Trauma World Tour 2018 - Melbourne Photo by Quinn Rooney/Getty Images

Pop star Pink has managed to keep one secret out of the tabloids: The artist, whose name is Alecia Moore, has been moonlighting as a California winemaker with her husband, motocross racer Carey Hart. As she’s revealed in passing before, the couple owns a 25-acre vineyard on a 250-acre Santa Barbara County property, where she’s now spent some years shielded from the public eye and making wines under the moniker Two Wolves.

Like, actually making them, according to the Chronicle’s wine writer Esther Mobley — not just cashing in on her name. Writes Mobley:

When Moore’s publicist first told me a few months ago that she is a winemaker, I cynically accepted that as a euphemism. Surely she’s not really a winemaker, I figured. I’ve interviewed several other celebrities who own wine brands, and I know the drill: Celebrity puts down the money, enjoys the vineyard views, lets others do the work. At most, the star weighs in on the wine’s final blend.

That’s not the case here, Mobley is convinced: Moore does employ a team of experienced wine professionals, but she’s apparently doing it all, including picking the grapes. “Did nobody tell her that she can still call herself a winemaker even if she doesn’t pick the grapes?” Mobley jokes.

Moore’s first bottles of wine as Two Wolves are due to be released in November. And while one of them is a rosé, it’s not exactly pink. “Can you tell I was concerned about making a pink wine?” Pink — sorry, Moore — quips to Mobley.