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New School Italian Cuisine Makes Its Mission Debut on October 12

Check out the menu for Prairie, bringing a unique mix of flavors and techniques to SF

Pane disfrutto at Prairie

Chef Anthony Strong’s first solo restaurant, Prairie, will officially open its doors to the public on October 12, with a menu of “new school Italian” dishes. Strong’s years as the culinary director and chef of the Delfina Group have influenced the menu, which meanders through cuisines and genres, with an emphasis on Italy and Japan.

“It’s my version of Italian food. Italian at its core, but drawing from an expanded pantry,” Strong says. That means antipasti like guanciale-wrapped mochi with radicchio and aged balsamic, and pastas like black spaghettini with garlic chives, Mendocino uni, and bonita.

Two shiny new grills — a J&R Woodshow Broiler and a Spanish Josper — will provide much of the heat in the kitchen, turning out dishes like thin-cut beef shortribs with tea leaf salsa verde (which, tellingly, come with a wet nap). Most of the menu is meant to share and will hit the table as soon as its ready.

For Strong’s full vision, as well as the list of cocktails, beer, and wine, check out the menu below.


3431 19th Street, , CA 94110 (415) 483-1112 Visit Website