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When a Food Critic’s Instagram Isn’t About Food

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Eater SF critic Rachel Levin is setting out to capture the moments in restaurants that aren’t served on a plate


Okay, so, after the announcement that Eater was hiring its first San Francisco restaurant critic, I got a bunch of requests on Instagram — from chefs and restaurant owners, PR people and perfectly nice regular people. A year into this gig, I wanted to say I’m sorry I ignored you. No offense, it’s just that I knew you could care less about pictures of my kids, which is what comprises at least fifty percent of my personal account. Although I admit this shot — of the two of them passed out on shabu-shabu — is pretty good:

Rachel Levin

I decided it was time to start an Eater-friendly feed. Except it won’t feature much food porn. EaterSF — and Instagram, in general— have got that covered. Also, I’m the first to admit: My food photos kind of suck. I mean, we can’t all be Bill Addison!

I thought it’d be fun to try something a little different. An Insta account that documents all sorts of other good stuff that makes a restaurant memorable or relevant or just a really great time. Little details and big ideas; random observations; fun eavesdrops; an especially-alluring front door, like Walzwerk’s:

Rachel Levin

After all, eating out isn’t only about the food.

Although, if I ever take another shot like this one, a highlight from a recent meal at Meadowood...

The Restaurant at Meadowood
Rachel Levin

I’ll proudly post it.

If you’re still up for being Instagram friends, I’d love to have you! Find me at @offmenusf