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Taqueria Cancun Opens Today After Six-Month Hiatus

Plus, a state bill about beer glasses gets vetoed

Caleb Pershan

It’s back

After six months of papered windows and darkness, Taqueria Cancun is opening back up today. The popular Mission taqueria — one of three locations in San Francisco — closed in February for a seismic retrofit, and it wasn’t clear when or if it would return to slinging critically-acclaimed al pastor burritos. Is this the best news we’ve heard all week? Maybe, just maybe.

Veto to big beer (glasses)

Governor Jerry Brown vetoed a bill that would have allowed breweries to supply bars with up to five cases of branded glassware. It would have made the California beer scene a little bit more like Belgium, where you’re almost always drinking a beer out of the exact style of beer glass its producers intended. But Brown wrote that such a bill could influence people to stock their bars with beers — likely from large breweries owned by big corporations as opposed to small local breweries — that they know come with free glasses. He feared it would “create an economic disadvantage for small beer manufacturers.”

Kalbi by the bucket

A new shared commercial kitchen has opened in East Oakland at 2818 MacArthur Boulevard. For diners, it’s also a new place to call in Korean and Asian fusion takeout. The Food Foundry’s opening menu features Korean short ribs, fried chicken, and baked pork ribs by the bucket.

And finally, Piri Pica opens today

But you knew that already, right?

Taqueria Cancun

2288 Mission Street, , CA 94110 (415) 252-9560 Visit Website

Piri Pica

590 Valencia Street, , CA 94110 (415) 800-7994 Visit Website