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Expect Changes at Cole Valley Institution Kezar Bar & Restaurant This Fall

Bacon Bacon owner Jim Angelus is joining the team

After almost 30 years as a destination for denizens of Cole Valley, Kezar Bar & Restaurant is ready for a refresh. Owner of nearby Bacon Bacon, Jim Angelus, will join its current owners as partner, bringing his expertise as a restaurateur and former manager of SF institutions like Kuleto’s and E&O Kitchen to the established neighborhood restaurant.

Angelus is planning to aid in some back-of-the-house upgrades, such as implementing a Point of Sale system. There’ll also some tweaks to the menu, including the addition of a set kids menu, which Angelus says he’s working on with his kids and their cousins, all of whom live in Cole Valley.

“[The owners] really wanted someone from the neighborhood to partner with,” Angelus told Eater SF. “I feel really fortunate to be put in touch.”

Angelus and his family have lived in the neighborhood for over a decade, and both run their businesses there. He says it was a priority to him to keep Kezar as a neighborhood place for years to come. And, says Angelus, don’t expect to see Bacon Bacon dishes hit the menu at Kezar, as he wants to make sure “Kezar stays Kezar.” Other changes could include the addition of brunch, though it could be much further down the road.

“Kezar’s been doing fine and it’s been successful and there’s a lot of tradition there,” says Angelus. “There’s a rush, but no rush to change things.”

Neighbors will notice the ABC license transfer poster in the window in coming days; Angelus says that he’ll be fully and officially part of the business as soon as the license transfer is complete in mid-October. Stay tuned for more updates to Kezar, which is 30, flirty, and thriving.

Kezar Bar & Restaurant

900 Cole St, San Francisco, CA 94117 +1 415-681-7678

Bacon Bacon

205A Frederick Street, , CA 94117 (415) 218-4347 Visit Website