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Group Proposes Baja-Style Restaurant for Prime Embarcadero Space

PuertoSF seeks to land at Pier 33 1/2


A new restaurant inspired by Baja is seeking a berth at Pier 33 1/2, an empty chunk of prime Embarcadero real estate managed by the Port of San Francisco. Partners Mick Suverkrubbe and Dena Grunt of Highway 1 Hospitality (Nick’s Cove in Marin, recently closed Contrada in SF, and others) are behind the proposal for PuertoSF, as they’re calling the place (at least so far).

“The Port of San Francisco is probably the only place I would open [a restaurant] in SF these days,” Suverkrubbe tells Eater SF — citing the location’s heavy foot traffic, which could balance out the high cost of doing business in the city.

The space at Pier 33 1/2 was previously the restaurant Butterfly, which closed last year after 15 years in business. But that was then — “it was this completely different era,” says Suverkrubbe, who lives nearby. And this is now: With the new cruise ship terminal, a new hub for Alcatraz tours at Pier 33, and Levi’s renewing its lease and growing in nearby Levi’s plaza, the area is a good bet, Suverkrubbe thinks.

PuertoSF would offer full-service meals, a walk-up window for street tacos, and more. “We’re gonna wear many hats in that location,” he says.

The team has been pursuing PuertoSF for 9 months. The lease hasn’t been finalized, but if the Port Commission approves it later this month, the next step would be approval from the Board of Supervisors in November. From there, the restaurant could be open as soon as next spring.