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Lucca Ravioli Co., an Italian-American Institution, Is Closing on Valencia Street

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The devastating loss occurs on April 20


Lucca Ravioli Co., a treasure of San Francisco’s Italian-American culinary heritage, will close at 1100 Valencia Street (on the corner 22nd Street). The owner of the grocer, pasta maker, and Italian goods importer, Michael Feno, is selling the building, which his family’s business has occupied since 1925. Lucca’s final day is April 20.

Lucca is best known for its pastas like ravioli and tagliarini, which passersby can watch employees make though a window from the street. The store also sells Italian meats, sandwiches, wines, and cheeses in an old-school atmosphere: Employees still don their Lucca paper hats, for example.

The business recently sold its parking lot to a developer — raising some concerns — and now Lucca’s building is changing hands, too. As it’s zoned for more feet in height, the two-story structure is likely to be razed for condos.

“I know there’s gonna be a lotta sad people,” said a longtime manager when reached by phone. Without a successor to take over the business, he says, Lucca will not continue at a new location.

“It’s been a wonderful job,” said the manager, a 48-year employee who did not give his full name. “It’s been a nice run.”