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Almanac Beer Co. Closing 2-Year-Old San Francisco Taproom

The sours will continue to flow in Alameda

Patricia Chang

After two years in the Mission, Almanac Beer Co. is saying goodbye to its first taproom. San Francisco-based fans have until Saturday, January 19 to enjoy a flight of Almanac’s beers without crossing into the East Bay.

Damian Fagan and Jesse Friedman founded the brewery in 2010 (Friedman has since left the company), contracting to brew their beers at other facilities. Almanac Taproom opened in 2016, giving beer fans a central spot to find Almanac’s fresh IPAs and barrel-aged, fruity sours. And last year, Almanac opened its first production brewery — a huge 30,000-square-foot facility with its own spacious taproom — in Alameda.

“Our incredible team in SF has made for a wonderful experience for our guests over these last two years and we are sad to say goodbye to the Mission,” Fagan tells Eater SF via email. “The decision to close the taproom was ultimately a function of managing our resources as productively as possible. Our lease is up, and with another exciting project in the works coming later this spring in Alameda, we’ve decided to keep our efforts focused on making our Alameda facility the best it can be.”

In San Francisco, restaurants and bars not renewing leases is often related to a rent hike, but Annalena Barrett, who handles marketing for Almanac, said that wasn’t a factor here.

“Just weighing the whole business together, we decided given what we’re gearing up for here in Alameda, it made more sense to focus all our energy on the mothership,” she said.

Barrett declined to elaborate on what’s in store this spring for the brewery, but it seems worth noting that the Alameda taproom currently has an unused kitchen. When Almanac first opened the facility, there were plans to eventually serve food there, but so far, food trucks have been parking outside instead. The San Francisco taproom, meanwhile, offers a full menu with the likes of a burger, falafel, and more.

Almanac Taproom

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