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A San Francisco VC Wants to Kill Off Home Cooking

Also, an SF bar has scored some Emperor Norton memorabilia

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A 1960s-era kitchen
If Larry Illg has his way, all kitchens might be as vintage and untouched as this one
Pablo Dodda/Flickr

A local VC says that cooking will soon be considered as unusual as making one’s own clothes

Speaking with The Times of India, Larry Illg, the CEO of a San Francisco VC firm called Prosus Ventures, says that his company is putting $860 million into an Indian food delivery company called Swiggy because he believes home cooking will soon be a thing of the past. And not just in India! Illg says that “100 years ago we would all be sitting in clothes that we had made. And I don’t know many people that make their own clothes anymore unless it’s a hobby. The same thing is going to happen with food.” Horse and buggy, landline, kitchen. Sure.

A Tenderloin bar displays a promissory note allegedly issued by its 19th century namesake

Kevin DeMattia, one of the owners of Emperor Norton’s Boozeland, says that the bar was contacted via Facebook by an Oregon man offering to sell a promissory note dated February 18, 1878, and signed by Emperor Norton, the noted San Franciscan and self-proclaimed “Emperor of these United States.” “I decided to buy it sight unseen and sans authentication,” DeMattia tells NBC Bay Area of the framed collectable, which (if authentic) could be worth as much as $15,000. An expert says that the note just might be legit, but its recipient shouldn’t expect Norton to ever make good on the 50 cents it promises (with an additional interest amount of five cents), as Norton died on January 8th, 1880, leaving it (and many, many other debts) behind.

A 91-year-old female sportfishing captain is still chasing salmon

Captain Jacqueline Douglas turned 91 on October 2, but age doesn’t keep her from running charters from a boat — called the “Wacky Jacky — that she docks at Fisherman’s Wharf. She was licensed as the first female sportfishing captain in San Francisco back in 1972, and has taken an estimated 150,000 folks out on the water in the years since, the Bay Area News Group reports. Douglas says her favorite time of year is salmon season, which closes this year on October 31. Her record is a 52-pounder, which she had mounted on her bedroom wall and which “stares her in the eye every morning.”

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