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Unsavory Market Street Burger King Closes Permanently

Plus Hayes Valley could be getting a Trader Joe’s

A street view of Market Street’s Burger King Google street view

Civic Center Burger King deposed

A Burger King location at 1200 Market Street, one that’s been the subject of many health-inspection complaints and a stand-in for the struggles of Civic Center, has closed for good, SFGate and SFist reported. The location was known in part for blasting classical music from outdoor speakers in an attempt to ward off street activity. Many people gathered at the corner in front of the store even after BART closed an entryway at the intersection.

Trader Joe’s Hayes Valley?

A Trader Joe’s store could be on its way to Hayes Valley, the Chronicle reports. The site is 555 Fulton Street, which is an incoming condo building with ground floor retail space. But to arrive in Hayes Valley, Trader Joe’s would need an exemption to the city’s formula retail ban, which means the whole process is going to be slow.

Doña Tomás sets closure date

Doña Tomás has set an official closing date for their current business: Sunday, November 24. After that, owner Dona Savitsky will open a new, similar business, called Doña, on Piedmont Avenue. The goal there is to open mid-December.

Founder of Mission Street’s Cafe St. Jorge opens beachside Oasis

Andrea de Francisco is back in the food business with Boavida. De Francisco, who founded charming Portuguese Cafe St. Jorge in Bernal Heights in 2013, later left for the Outer Sunset, where she runs Tunnel Records & Beach Goods with her husband. As of today, she’s opened a 500-square-foot cafe and market at 3560 Taraval Street — the former Streamline, right across from the bustling Underdogs Too, which opened last year. Boavida serves smoothies, acai bowls, snacks, and to-go food, with a wine bar component in the works: The Chronicle has more.