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Tenderloin Candy Shop Hooker’s Sweet Treats Is Closing

No more caramels after almost a decade in business

Hooker’s Sweet Treats

The Tenderloin is losing its sweet spot

After nine years at 442 Hyde Street, Hooker’s Sweet Treats is closing up shop. Owner David Williams says his lease is up and cites “the ongoing problems in the neighborhood” and staffing issues, just “to name a few” of the problems facing the store, known for bread pudding and caramels in particular. “In the meantime get your treats while you can,” Williams writes on Facebook. “We will be open through October and possibly to the end of the year, but I will have more details in the near future... Thank you all for your support throughout the past nine-plus years.”

PG& outages spark run on supplies

Everyone is stocking up — on both treats and necessities — ahead of PG&E’s planned shut-off: The Chronicle reports on the scramble to get ice for freezers and more supplies. Resource centers are distributing bottled water and have generators to charge phones and other devices during the blackout, which are to affect 34 counties and nearly 800,000 residents today: SF Curbed has a list of what PG&E customers should know (and where they should go).

Postmates is delaying its IPO, signaling a turn to tech pessimism

The SF-based delivery food service Postmates, which is valued at $2 billion, won’t be arriving on the trading room floor quite so fast. It’s delaying its planned IPO based on “market conditions.” Flops like Uber and WeWork are spooking investors in the tech sector, Recode reports: Postmates says it’s not sure when the IPO will happen.

Who owns the recipe?

When a chef creates a signature dish at a restaurant, can they take it with them? That’s the question behind a story about intellectual property in restaurants on Eater that cites some locals like Christa Chase, formerly of Tartine Manufactory. Now Chase has left Tartine to help friends open a new bar in Oakland, called Friends and Family, and she’s wondering about the recipes she entered into a database that Tartine has (to track food costs).

Friends and Family

468 25th Street, Oakland, California

Tartine Manufactory

595 Alabama Street, , CA 94110 (415) 757-0007 Visit Website