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Ranchers Are Mad About a Beefless Dreamforce

Also: Some UC Berkeley students say they’ve created a jitter-less coffee

A cow is seen during a snowfall at the Oncala mountain (1,... Photo by John Milner/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images

Beef producers have a beef with Salesforce

Salesforce’s Dreamforce conference typically brings about 120,000 people to San Francisco, all of whom will eat, drink, and be merry. But at this year’s event, which runs from November 19-22, none of the meals served at the conference will include beef, the SF Chronicle reports. According to Salesforce, the decision is a sustainability-driven effort to conserve as much as 9 million gallons of water. The move has angered members of the U.S. Cattlemen’s Association, and a spokesperson sniped that “U.S. cattle producers utilize grazing animals to complement the native range and prairie ecosystems, while also preserving open spaces and protecting the land from becoming, let’s say, another resource-intensive conference center.”

UC Berkeley students say a coffee they’ve created provides a smooth ride

Ofek Arush and George Passantino, both of whom are seniors at UC Berkeley, tell the Daily Californian that after extensive testing, they’ve created a “healthy, jitter-less” coffee drink that they call Quokka Brew. The blended beverage contains 135 mg of caffeine and a gram of sugar, and is available online or at the Berkeley Student Food Collective.

A proposed Treasure Island toll has one of the island’s restaurants worried

Aracely Cafe owner Linda Edson tells The Frisc that her business already struggles to attract non-Island customers, and a $3.50 (or so) toll proposed for vehicle trips to TI could make people even less inclined to visit. In addition, she’s concerned that a planned redevelopment of the area could drive out her current customers, leaving Aracely empty.

Soleil Ho says Nari is SF’s “most exciting new restaurant”

In her most recent review, SF Chronicle restaurant critic Soleil Ho visits Kin Khao founder Pim Techamuanvivit’s newest spot, Nari, which opened in Japantown’s Hotel Kabuki in August. Ho’s review is as glowing as it gets, praising both the food and cocktail offerings. She declares that Nari “is the restaurant that best suits the tastes and predilections of 2019: It was born fully mature and fearless.”


SF’s wave of vegan restaurants boosted it to the top of PETA’s Vegan-Friendly Cities list

In a press release, animal rights organization PETA announced that San Francisco took the top slot on its annual vegan-friendly cities list, saying that SF’s veg-head restaurants, as well as vegan options at the ballpark and airport, catapulted the city to #1. Trailing behind are spots like Los Angeles, New York City, and Portland, Oregon.


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