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SFPD Faces a Lawsuit Over a Steakhouse Scrum

Plus: A lovely end to a Lovely’s dispute

Abe & Louies In Boston Photo by Craig F. Walker/The Boston Globe via Getty Images

A man who says he was attacked by an SFPD officer during a steak dinner is suing the city

Clifford Bonnet says that he chose Bazille, a steakhouse located inside the San Francisco Centre Nordstrom, to celebrate a new job. The dinner turned less celebratory, however, when a dispute over a knife to cut his meat ended in a physical confrontation with an SFPD officer who was summoned to remove him, Mission Local reports. During the course of Bonnet’s arrest, when went down in October of 2018, he says that the police officer broke his leg and ankle, but Bonnet was never charged with any crime.

An admitted line cutter made good after a social media smackdown

Berkeleyside reports that the Lovely’s brunch pop-up at Eli’s last weekend sold out of burgers before every patron could be served, a situation aggravated by an alleged line-cutting situation that denied some their rightful meals. When guest Goldie Williams called out the misbehavior, she says a repentant cutter sent her $40 to spend on burgers the next time she goes. According to the Eli’s calendar, Lovely’s will be back at 11 a.m. on Saturday, November 30.

BART police cite black riders for eating far more than they do white patrons

Following the viral detention of Steve Foster for daring to eat a sandwich on the platform at the Pleasant Hill BART station, the SF Examiner made a public records request for citations made for eating and drinking on BART property. Since October 1, 1994, 55 people have been cited by BART police for the crime, and of those, 33 of those cited were black, and 13 were classified as Latinx or “other.” According to BART ridership data from its last survey, only 10 percent of the people who ride BART identify as black.

Even more people are sick after eating lettuce from Salinas

By way of The New York Times, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced Tuesday that 67 people have contracted E. coli from lettuce that originated in the Monterey County city of Salinas. No one has died from eating the tainted romaine, but 39 have gotten so ill that they had to be hospitalized.

California Gold is pouring “very serious” cocktails in San Rafael

SF bar veteran Isaac Shumway’s California Gold is now open, the Chron reports, characterizing it as “Marin’s most ambitious cocktail bar ever.” Expect “hot-climate spirits, tropical influences,” Shumway says, saying that the opening is “like dropping a San Francisco bar in the middle of Marin...I’m just betting that if I build it, people will come.”

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