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A First-Hand Account of Life Inside the Wine Cave

Also: Another DoorDasher faces package theft allegations

Teddy Schleifer

A San Francisco man penned a first-person account of Pete Buttigieg’s now-infamous fundraiser at Hall Wines

Bill Wehrle, an SF resident and Kaiser Permanente VP, ended up in the pages of the Washington Post this weekend with an account of his experiences at Pete Buttigieg’s notorious fundraiser at St. Helena’s Hall Wines. At the event, a 2016 cabernet that goes for $185 was on the table. It “was very good,” Wehrle says, but “far more than I’ve ever paid in my life for a bottle of wine.” Craig and Katherine Hall, the billionaire vintners who hosted the event, tell the AP that “wine caves are common at wineries in Napa Valley and other wine-growing regions because they’re good for storing wine at cool temperatures.” In fact, here’s a slideshow of private Bay Area homes — all available for purchase — that come complete with a (much more modest) cave for wine.

Nokni, an East Bay Korean pop-up, is opening a permanent location

Chefs Julya Shin and Steve Joo have been serving Cal-Korean (think Korean classics, but with locally sourced and seasonal ingredients) via a pop-up called Nokni for about two years, but soon the business will open a permanent location at 3770 Piedmont Avenue, the SF Chronicle reports. The spot will be called Nokni Upstairs, and will be sharing an address with Doña, as both will operate inside the (since carved out) huge space most recently occupied by Chow. If all goes well, expect Nokni Upstairs to open this summer.

Yet another DoorDash delivery person has been accused of package theft

Just last week the Berkeley Police Department released footage of a DoorDasher who allegedly swiped packages from an apartment building after handing off an order. Now the Santa Clara Police Department says they have a similar case, this time inside a complex at 1777 Lafayette Street. A building resident contacted DoorDash about the on-camera theft, but tells KPIX that “they really weren’t helpful at all. They didn’t seem to care.”

Workers at Anchor Brewing Company have approved their first-ever union contract

On Friday, workers at San Francisco’s Anchor Brewing Company ratified their first-ever union contract by a 49-3 vote, Mission Local reports. Workers at the 123-year-old brewery, which is owned by Sapporo Holdings, agreed to a three-year contract that increases wages and benefits for part and full-time staffers. Workers at Anchor moved to unionize earlier this year, joining up with members of the International Longshore and Warehouse Union, Local 6.

Savvy Boichik Bagels fans know to arrive early

Since its opening last month, Berkeley’s Boichik Bagels has “launched a rocket ship,” owner Emily Winston tells SF Gate. “The weekdays are what I thought the weekends would be like, and on the weekends, the line is down past the corner and completely insane.” Folks who want to get their Boichik fix should arrive early (it opens at 6:30 a.m. on weekdays, 7:30 a.m. on weekends) and expect disappointment if they arrive after mid-morning, as the spot typically sells out by between 10 a.m. and noon.


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