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SF Sandwich Legend Deli Board Closes Sibling Restaurant

The Board flipped its final cheeseburger this weekend

Grace Sager

The Board, a companion restaurant to nearby favorite Deli Board from sandwich savant Adam Mesnick, has closed. The venture opened roughly a year ago at 1077 Mission Street, a 48-seat SoMa space with an open kitchen. It served as an added outlet for Mesnick’s many interests, including cheesesteaks, breakfast sandwiches, and burgers.

“My amazing staff at Deli Board let me have so much fun [at the Board] and learn so much about the industry,” says Mesnick, who is ending his short-term lease with a “very reasonable” landlord.

“I can’t look at it as anything but a success.”

Now, Mesnick will return his full attention to Deli Board, which turns 10 this year. The sandwich shop, known for its overstuffed combinations of meats, cheeses, pickles, and peppers, “is an anomaly and has a special touch that needs special care,” says Mesnick, comparing it to other side projects like his Rye Project and now the Board.

Most importantly, Deli Board will need a new home: Mesnick’s current lease at 1058 Folsom is month-to-month in a building that’s long been slated for development. Most recently, the proposed project there passed an environmental review.

It’s not clear when Deli Board will need to move, but Mesnick isn’t waiting around to find out. Now, he’ll raise capital and seek a new flagship Deli Board space, one that could combine a sandwich operation like the one at Deli Board with a kitchen like the one at the Board. Ideally it would also offer capacity to keep fuller hours and run catering, too. From that new flagship, Mesnick would like to see Deli Board expand to more major cities.

Before it was the Board, 1077 Mission was home to Fenix, a Mexican restaurant attached to high-end AQ. Both closed in 2017, citing the area’s high rents and labor costs coupled with declining sales. Tasting menu-focused Birdsong has taken over AQ, but what’s next for 1077 Mission isn’t clear.

The Board

1077 Mission Street, SF, CA