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Extremely Jiggly, Fluffy Japanese Souffle Pancakes Drop in April

Gram Cafe & Pancakes opens soon in Stonestown Galleria

A seasonal special with souffle pancakes
Gram Cafe & Pancakes

As Eater reported last fall, fabulously fluffy souffle-style pancakes from Japanese chain Gram Cafe & Pancakes is slated to join the lineup at Stonestown Galleria. That day is now on the horizon, according to a representative for the property, who says an opening is planned for April.

The Japanese cafe will join fellow Asian chains like Shihlin Taiwan Street Snacks and Marugame Udon in drawing lines and generating scores of Instagrams. Gram is known for it’s “premium pancakes,” served in tall, wobbly stacks of three, only three times per day. That means there’ll be lines, but lovers of all cakes will find something to consume at Gram, even when the Insta-bait is gone for the day.

In addition to classic, flat pancakes, there are possible seasonal specialties like strawberry pancakes with cherry blossom petals, cheese mousse, and cherry jam, or matcha pancakes stacked high with cream. Crispy French toast and blended beverages that appear similar to Frappucinos are also on the menu.

Cherry Blossom Pancakes
Gram Cafe & Pancakes

At Japanese locations, there are also savory options like soup (borscht and clam chowder are listed), and a BLT, plus pancakes topped with things like chili beans with cheese, and avocado and salmon. At this time, there are no details on what the Stonestown location’s menu will include.

The souffle pancake trend is spreading through cities like wildfire, with various brands opening shops in LA, NYC, and other influencer-dense areas. Prepare for sweet, quivering stacks to dominate your feeds in a matter of weeks.

Marugame Udon

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