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Classic Tenderloin Pub And Its ‘Castle’ Are For Sale

Edinburgh Castle, established in 1959, will remain in place, at least for the moment

Vanguard Properties

A low rise “castle” in the Tenderloin — some sort of relic from a past San Francisco civilization — is for sale along with the pub that occupies it. The asking price for the noble pile: $3,995,000, per Vanguard Properties, and it comes with the business — Edinburgh Castle Pub — and its liquor license, which is in heavy use at the 950 Geary Street bar.

The building is 3,900 square feet in size and comes with “development potential,” per the listing. Socketsite, who first spotted it, notes that the lot is zoned for 80 feet in height, making it prime real estate to raze and build up into an even greater edifice.

Edinburgh Castle wasn’t quite established in the Middle Ages, but it’s practically that old: The bi-level space, with upstairs gallery seating, opened in 1959, and has seen it all over the years. According to the business, it’s a storied literary hub, a favorite haunt of writers like Scottish author Irvine Welsh, who staged the US premiere of the play Trainspotting at the bar, later adapted for the film starring Ewan McGregor.

What’s next for the bar during the likely sale? The castle could stay standing up through any potential development, which might take years to approve — or it could be stormed sooner. Eater SF has reached out to the business for comment.