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SF Office of Labor Standards Enforcement Will Investigate DoorDash Tipping Policies

Plus, food media luminaries will gather in SF


SF’s Office of Labor Standards Enforcement is looking into DoorDash

DoorDash is still in hot water over the company’s use of worker’s tips to make sure guaranteed minimum payments for workers are met. The controversy is based on whether companies like DoorDash and Instacart are subsidizing a big part of their drivers’ guaranteed pay by redistributing customers’ tips, rather than just giving workers those tips outright. After the system was publicized last month, DoorDash has faced pushback, and now the city of San Francisco’s Office of Labor Standards Enforcement (OLSE) tells Recode it’s pursuing an investigation into the delivery company’s practices.

Food Media Luminaries Gather For SF Workshop

The San Francisco Cooking School has released the lineup for its first ever three-day Food Media Lab (June 17 - 19). Chaired by writers John Birdsall and Andrea Nguyen, it’s a who’s who of local and national food writers, reviewers, and photographers, including Tejal Rao (California restaurant critic for the New York Times), Soleil Ho (the new reviewer for the San Francisco Chronicle), Chris Ying (former editor-in-chief of Lucky Peach), to name a few. (Disclosure: Ellen Fort, Eater SF Editor, is also a participant.) There are some scholarships available for the three-day event, but otherwise, it’s going to cost attendees about what they’ll make in a good month of food media freelancing. Tickets (capped at 50 ) are here.

Baking for Betterment launches today

Che Fico pastry whiz Angela Pinkerton is spearheading a new fundraiser, to coincide with Womens History Month: It’s called Baking for Betterment, and supporters can buy a cookie for a donation minimum of $5 — the cookie then goes to local San Francisco shelters, and community programs, and the donation amount goes to the Women’s Community Clinic, offering affordable healthcare and outreach services to women in the Bay Area. The fundraiser starts today and goes through the end of March (or until sold out): The goal is to sell 1000 cookies and make a $5,000 donation. Participating bakers include Lisa Vega (Dandelion Chocolate), William Werner (Craftsman & Wolves), SF Cooking School’s pro pastry students, Amy Brown (MARLA Bakery), Nicole Krasinski (State Bird/The Progress), Greg Mindel (Neighbor Bake House), Emily Lechetti (Big Night Restaurant Group), Casey Nunes (Media Noche), and Angela Pinkerton (of course).

Big gay ice cream

Local ice creamery Humphrey Slocombe is doing a promotion for the new season of Queer Eye by queering one of their flavors: Cookies + Graham is chocolate cookies and graham cracker in olive oil ice cream, and they’ll have it at all their shops. How can you tell they’ve got style? They didn’t do rainbow sprinkles — that’s more Queer Eye 1.0.