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SoCal’s Klatch Coffee Debuts Its First San Francisco Shop Monday

Klatch Coffee opens at the corner of Franklin and Bush just in time for those Tax Day caffeine needs

Klatch Coffee opens its first San Francisco shop Monday, April 15
Bread & Butter

Southern California’s Klatch Coffee opens its first San Fransisco shop, Monday, April 15, at the corner of Franklin and Bush streets. In addition to specialty coffee and baked goods from Craftsman and Wolves, the shop also includes an automated (and speedy) pour over machine called Poursteady.

The machine allows baristas to brew up to five pour overs using an app that helps control a nozzle which shoots back and forth between each station, adding the precise amount of predetermined hot water to each.

Bread & Butter
Bread & Butter

A second San Fransisco shop opens in the Mission District later this year.

Owner Mike Perry, a former chemical engineer, founded Klatch Coffee 25 years ago in Rancho Cucamonga. Perry now runs the company with his daughter Heather, and works with farmers from around the world to source beans for their coffees.

Klatch Coffee’s SoCal locations include: Rancho Cucamonga, Ontario, San Dimas, Redondo Beach, and Fontana.

1452 Franklin Street, San Francisco.

Inland Empire’s Klatch Coffee Seeks to Double Locations By End of Year [ELA]

Craftsman and Wolves

1598 Yosemite Avenue, , CA 94124 (415) 423-3337 Visit Website